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Eazy Pod Air Complete Green

The Eazy Pod Complete Green  (complete with 18 watt Uv) Eazy, best small pond filter just got better !  Due to popular demand the Eazy Pod Air Uv Complete is now also available with an Airtech 70 Air Pump kit and built in 18 watt Uv.

Introducing the Eazy Pod Complete Green, yes thats right the kit includes a Airtech 70 Air Pump, manifold, 10m airline & 2 air stones and a built in 18 watt UV

Eazy Pod Complete Green for smaller ponds has unparalleled results, the Eazy Pod Air UV Complete is the latest to come from the Evolution Aqua stable and is set to meet the challenge of today’s koi Pond enthusiast.

Eazy Pod Complete Green with 18 Watt UV Features:

  • Complete is a complete filter and air Pump system for smaller ponds with unparalleled results
  • Complete comes complete with Airtech 70 Air Pump, manifold, 10m airline & 2 air stones and 18 watt UV
  • Complete is a small filter (only 23 inches tall) utilising proven Nexus Eazy success
  •  Complete has a Quick and eazy cleaning cycle with the supplied Airtech 70 Air Pump
  • With the Eazy Pod their is no wet or dirty hands
  • comes complete with adjustable rubber connectors (all pipework up to 3 inch)
  • Complete for pump fed applications only
  • Complete also comes with a compact lid as standard.


Eazy Pod Complete Green is ideal on a quarantine system or as a pre-filter, polisher or on a skimmer line, a great all rounder! The Eazy Pod Complete is also perfect for extra biological filtration.

Why not order your Eazy Pod Air UV, for the user who wants the ultimate performance.


The Eazy Pod consists of a first stage settlement chamber where in which the heavier solids can settle out, before moving through static Kaldnes media retained in a stainless steel perforated screen where the fine particles are trapped.

The central chamber holds 30 litres of static K1 media. As the water enters the central chamber, the fine smaller solids become entrapped in the K1.

After passing through the K1 media, the clean water then rises and overflows into the inner return pipe of the Eazy Pod and back to the pond.

The Eazy Pod has been modified from 2012, now the inlet on the new Eazy Pod features a welded 1.5 inch Slide Valve with 1.5 inch hose tail, making pump fed installation even easier, for gravity fed installations simply remove this and use the 4 inch x 3 inch flexible rubber boot supplied to contact to the bottom drain.The waste on the Eazy Pod has also been made simpler with the introduction of a 1.5 inch Slide Valve.

The Eazy Pod also comes with a compact lid as standard.

This is a totally different way of filtering to the Nexus Eazy as with the famous Nexus Eazy the K1 media is continually moving, with the Eazy Pod the K1 media is static.

The Airtech 70 Air Pump, from day to day running will be putting vital oxygen in to the pond, when you need to clean the Eazy Pod Air Uv simply turn the valve and redirect the Air to the Eazy Pod,

This will agitate the static K1 and therefore cleaning can be done quickly and easily without getting your hands wet, when you have done simply turn the air valve on the Eazy pod and send the Air back to the pond, it really is that Easy!

There is little doubt that this New Eazy Pod Air Uv has turned the small filter market up side down, with the addition of the Air Pump kit, the Eazy Pod Air UV just got better!

Max Pond Size: 20,000 Litres
Max Koi Pond Size 10,000 Litres
Maximum garden pond flow rate: 10,000 lph
Maximum Koi Pond flow rate: 5,000 lph
Kaldnes K1 media: 25 litres included
Recommended Air Pump: Airtech 40 litres

Eazy Pod Air Complete Green

Price: £595.00 Inc VAT

Sub Category: Nexus
Main Category: Filters and Filter Media

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